sunset on the trail  

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8/9/2017 6:19 am
sunset on the trail

We went out to go ride horses; I had on some wranglers that hugged my ass and my hips. You were behind me and just watched while I walked you were getting hotter by the moment. We got into the barn and you said, honey come here, I looked and didn’t see you I asked where are You. You were like follow my voice which I did. I started laughing as I finally saw you in the hay. You said I want a roll in the hay before we go out on the horses. As it was I had to beg you to go with me as you are not really into riding so I was like well I guess if you are going I can give you a roll in the hay. You had on your pants as you had already taken your shirt off which already had me wet looking at your chest seeing the sweat shining on it, knowing that shortly your chest was going to rubbing my chest made my nipple hard and stand at attention. I could feel them tighten and my pussy get wet. What you didn’t know is I had a feeling this was going to happen so I put on a matching bra and panties. So as I was walking up to you I started taking off my shirt as it was a button up shirt so that I could show as much or as little cleave as I wanted which I only had a little showing. As I took off my shirt you could see that my nipples were hard and you seen that my bra was gold and navy blue. Then you scanned down my body with your eyes undressing me and seen the top of my thongs and was like damn honey did you have plans for this ride. I told you that I know you my love and I know how you think. I also knew the min I put on my wranglers what was going to happen.
You licked your lips and looked at me with the love and desire and respect that all women want from there man. I know you hated to go to the barn and you hated riding, but because I really want to go out and ride today and watch the sunset with you, you agreed to go. I took my wranglers off and my panties were left on I am over and took your pants and unzipped them and left them on I got on top of you and started riding you fast and fast I went. You were like whoa baby hold on. I stopped, I still have my pants on and I know how you cum remember I don’t want to wear wet pants all day. So I got up and let you pull your pants down. I am sorry forgotten about that babe. You laughed and said its ok I just don’t think riding wet would be very comfortable. That is true. So you lay back down and I rode you hard and harder I came all over you like we knew I would. And there was nothing I could do about it. No matter the position or time or slow or fast we made love you always made me cum and squirt. We were just in tuned to each other. We decided to change positions that way you could dry off some. I got on my knees and you took me from behind the minute you were inside me I could feel my pussy building up to blow again. I am so in love with you that all you have to do is look at me right and it was like I would cum in my jeans. But when you were inside of me it was my body was full of you from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet would be tingling and you gave me goose pimples. I loved it and made it were it was more intense every time. After about ten minutes of make love to me you cam and filled my pussy up.
I put my clothes back on and told you that I was going to go get the horses ready. I know you don’t really know how to ride so I get the oldest we got that I would let little ride and I don’t want you to hurt yourself. You come down out of the hay and I start laughing, you look around and said what, I can’t help myself I just keep laughing I have tears in my eyes I am laughing so hard. You came from the hay with hay in your hair all over. You almost looked like a scarecrow other than you were moving. I went over and kissed you and started pulling hay out of your hair. You just looked at me and said it’s not funny. I said yes it is and you enjoyed it. You said well I can’t argue the second part.
I got the step stool to help you up on to the and you got on her. It always amazed you that I could swing my weight on to the that I was riding. But I was used to doing it. I turned and asked you if you were ready. You said yes, then you see the third you asked what’s that one for. I told you that we were going to watch the sunset; well we are not riding back in the dark so we need supplies for the night to be able to eat and sleep if we get any. So the other has our supplies. You rolled your eyes because you knew that I knew this was not really your thing. But you went along with it because I don’t ask for much in our relationship except time with you when you come home.
We rode for several hours you were so sore by the time we got to the spot that I had chosen over a month ago. I helped you down and was laughing again as you were bowlegged by the time we got there. You could hardly walk. I told you if you walk just up a head of you there is a creek take your clothes off and go soak in it you will feel better. While you are doing that I will take care of everything else.
You went to the creek and did that and while you were gone I unsaddled the horses and took care of them. Then I set up the tent and got the camp fire going and started dinner on the fire which would take a while. I then walked down to the creek where I do think you had fallen asleep in the water. I stripped and got it and went right over to you and started stroking your dick your eyes popped open and you jumped I guess you thought it would be someone else. I had a smile on my face. I got on top of you and let your dick slide into to me and I just sat there looking at you and kissed you. You asked what was that for, I said for doing this with me and for me. I could feel you throbbing inside of me but I swore I was not going to move I wanted to see if just me squeezing my muscles would make you cum. I started squeezing and you started moaning. And you started to move I said please don’t my love. I just want to feel you inside of me without the movement. Your dick jumped he was happy being inside of me too. We stayed this way for about 15 min I could not hold out any longer. I started moving and you grabbed my ass and helped me the grabbed my nipple in your mouth and bit it and I came I was sweating in the cool water. You were just sitting there enjoying watching me. You had this thing about watching me cum. It was like you enjoyed watching me come on my face. I think it brought you joy to know that look was the only one that no body but you will ever see. We are now into our second round 30 min I speed up cause I knew if I didn’t it would be another 30 min and dinner would be ruined, so between the squeezing and movement you finally came. And put your head on my breast and kissed them. I said honey stay here I will be back in a few min. I got out the water and went to get dinner that should be ready by now.
You did not stay in the water as it was starting to cool down and you came up behind me and grabbed my ass and slapped it and because I was bent over you brought me up so that you could kiss me. I asked what that was for you said for being so awesome, and for being my woman. I almost had tears in my eyes because you don’t often say things like that you are more of a person that shows their feeling instead of saying them. You didn’t say anything about the tears you just kissed them away, which meant more to me than anything. I said well dinner is ready let’s eat and watch the sunset. We were on a kind of bluff so the sunset was more beautiful than anywhere else we could have been on the property.
As the sun went down we sat there and ate our dinner nothing fancy just some steaks and beans something easy enough that it wouldn’t burn up if everything took a little longer than I had planned. The sunset made my heart swell with its beauty and having the man I loved next to me made me very happy and very horny again. So while the last of the sun was disappearing over the horizon I was unzipping your pants and I grabbed you dick and started sucking on it. I could see your head was back and your eyes were closed. I could tell you were enjoying this. I had tears in my eyes knowing that I could bring you such pleasure made me happy. I licked around the rim of your dick and licked the tip and teased you with a lick here and there along the shaft of your dick. I finally took it down into my mouth and down my throat where I know you liked it. I stayed between your legs with your dick between my lips and working it the way you liked and if I stopped you grabbed my hair and started me moving again until the sun went completely down, which was just fine with me as I was enjoying this as much as you were.
We got up and walked slowly back to camp which I knew we would continue what I started cause you did not cum yet. So we got to camp and I put a little more fire wood on the fire. And I got the blanket to lie next to fire and you told me to lie down and I did as I was told. You looked at me and then said, Hell take all those clothes off. Again I did as I was told. As I was taking my clothes off you found my lasso and decided you were going to tie me up. You told me to put my hands together and I did you took the rope and tied my hands then found a tree close enough that you tied the other end to the tree to keep my hands above my head. I moaned, you just looked at me with a shit eating grin on your face. You had found some other smaller rope and decided to use that on my legs so you tied my legs spread eagle. You were going to gag me too but then thought about it, we are out there in the middle of nowhere no reason to be quite. I had asked you to make sure you threw a few more chunks of wood onto the fire before you started anything and you did. Then you looked down on me and I was like all hell I am in trouble. You straddled me and got on your knees right on top of my chest. I was like this is different and was thrilled with trying something new. You put your dick in my mouth and started fucking my mouth at first it was slow and nice then you got excited and started to push it further down my throat and trying to make me gag and you also knew that was hard to do but somehow you figured it out and I gagged on your dick. That made your dick jump and give me a small shot of pre-cum which made me gag again. You kind of liked that so you continued until you we getting ready to cum then you went down to my boobs and started titty fucking me so that way when you cam it would shot all over my face and in my mouth. It was a huge load I mean it was all over me I licked my lips and could feel you cum on my forehead and on my cheeks and all over my boobs. I couldn’t clean myself as I was tied up. So you got up and looked at me and grabbed your cell phone and took a pic as you wanted to remember that one.
Then you went down and took a couple more pics and decided you were going to go sit by the fire and get something to drink. You left me tied at you were not done with me.
I was starting to think you forgot that I was there. When you got up and brought me some cool water to drink. You let me drink as much as I wanted. I said thank you and you just smiled. Here I am spread eagle in the middle of nowhere and it was like your mood had changed I got a little scared but then I was like no he’s playing with me he wants me scared to make this more intense. You came over and sat next to me; as you did you look like you were about half a sleep. You said I have a few questions since we are here and I have you this way and before we continue. I was like ok I have nothing to hide. You started asking questions about what I did when you were gone what I did who comes to the house and stuff like that. I told you when you are not home and I get horny I go into my room and I use my toy looking at either your pic or I find some porn to watch sometimes I go to cams to watch them. You asked who the two guys that keep coming by are. I said, one is the handy man that fixes the stuff around the house that I can’t which you know is gay. And the other is one of the ’s fathers that comes at least once a week to check to see if I need feed or anything done so that he does not have to pay for his to come ride horses and most of the time when he shows she is with him. Now I understand why you agreed to come on this trip. You thought I was cheating on you. Someone had told you I had two men coming by while you were gone. So you assumed that I was cheating on you and now you know I am not now what I asked. You said I didn’t think you were but I wanted to make sure.
You got up and told me cause I was a good girl that I was going to be able to cum again. You got down between my legs and you took your fingers and spread my pussy lips and looked at it and licked your lips. I was holding my breath anticipating on what was going to happen. You brought your head down and licked my clit and I jumped and sighed it felt so good. I had not been touched since you left and never would be so every time you came home and did that it was like I was floating away to heaven. You put your tongue into my pussy and darted it in and out and swirled it around inside of me. I was starting to squirm around and wanting more and more and you just kept going nice and slow and letting me squirm. You finally put your fingers in my pussy and started finger fucking me pussy then I felt one in my ass and your tongue on my clit oh my god I am cumin I screamed so loud that you jumped. I came so hard that the squirt reached your dick and got him a little wet. You would not stop I tried to get you to stop and you would not. I was so sensitive now that when you continued which nobody has ever done that you had me almost having a spasm. I had got past that point of no return I did something I have never done and you did it. You had me actually creaming nice pure white cream and a squirt here and there. You had to take a few pic of this. I couldn’t think almost couldn’t breathe. But you wouldn’t stop when it got to the point that you see I was really having problems breathing you stopped. And I was catching my breathe and said omg what the hell was that. You said I don’t know you did it. I told you I have never been that far before and you said guess what you will be going that far from now on. I did not argue I just sighed and laid my head back and felt drained and loved and very much alive. You made me stay like that for about 10 more minutes. You untied me and said lets go to the creek and clean up. I had said no dear not when we can’t see what’s in the water I brought water back for us to heat up and wash off with.
We waited for the water to heat up and washed. Then we went to the tent after throwing a couple more logs on the fire. I woke up first, I turned and looked at your face and smiled. I was thinking how lucky to have a man like you that loves me and may not trust me just yet but he loves me. One day he will trust me. I knew who told him about the men coming to the house. She was doing this so that she could try to take my man she had not learned her lesson yet. Well she will because she will never take any man I have, she’s not good enough to do that. And the only man I will ever have again I am with right now. I know she is his type but as long as I am honest and don’t cheat on him and keep him satisfied I don’t have anything to worry about and I will keep him.
I got up and got breakfast cooked even though you don’t really eat breakfast knowing that we still had at least a two hour ride home and what was going to happen before we left I figured you need to eat. So I brought you breakfast in bed. You were sore and tired I decided that any more playing would be done home in a bed where you would be more comfy. So as you were eating I got the horses ready and packed everything up and was ready to go before you finished. You got on your moaning and groaning about it that I felt sorry for you. I said I am sorry honey do I need to call someone to come get you and I will ride back myself you said no. I said ok my love.
On the way back I guess you started feeling better cause you asked if we could stop. I looked and you had a hard on. I guess watching my ass in the saddle made you horny. I said sure, we got down off the horses I grabbed a blanket and told you to lie down and I would take care of your problem. And I did just that I took care of it with my mouth and my tits I made sure it didn’t take long as I wanted to get back home and get you in a hot tub to help with the muscles that you are not use to using. We got back on the horses which you were not happy about but you were not going to let me ride by myself another hr. We finally got home I dropped you off at the house and told you to get into a tub of hot water and turn on the jets to help with the muscles and I would be in as soon as I got the horses taken care of. When I got to the barn the man you was worried about was there with his . He asked if he could help I said yes can you put the horses up and take care of them so I can go help you. He said sure then I said come to the house when you’re done and bring your up too. I did this so that you could meet both of them and know that you had nothing to worry about.
I walked to the house and you were like that was quick and I told you that he was there with his and he was going to take care of the horses then come to the house to meet you and you were like ok. They got done with the horses and came to the house we had just got you out the tub so it was perfect timing. I went and answered the door and you came up behind me and put your arm around my waist. I introduced you to him and his when I introduced you to his who was about 7 your grabbed her hand a kissed it and said nice to meet you young lady and she giggled saying your mustache tickled, which made us all laugh. When they left I turned to you and kissed you and asked so do you think you have anything to worry about from Gomer Pile? You said no my loving woman. I can see that I do not have anything to worry about.

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NIce .

Keep it up!

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Very well written. I sent you a PM...

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

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