suthrnnite 49F
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5/26/2017 7:29 am

I feel so alone on here. I can see where some people come and read my blog, but, noone says anything. I even asked for some fantasies so we could have a discussion or I could even write about. Guess i could have written about one of mine, but, I am so shy about them.

Well, here goes. Gonna try to describe one of mine.

It's a full, moonlit night. I am standing in the water about half way up the calf. He comes up from behind me. He starts rubbing my shoulders. Then he lowers his hands down to my back. He rubs me there for a couple of minutes then lowers his hands down to my ass. He squats down so he can get a better view of my ass as he rubs it. He massages both cheeks for a bit in between giving each cheek a small kiss. He stands up and gives my left shoulder a small kiss as he wraps his arms around me. He stands there holding me for a couple of minutes. All is quiet except for the sounds of the water lapping at our legs. He gently turns me around to face him. He gives me a deep, deep kiss on my mouth and gently nibbles at my lower lip. He lowers his head and gently takes a breast into his warm, moist mouth while gently massaging the other with his warm hand. He brings his head up and smiles at me. He takes me by my hand and leads me out of the water to a blanket spread out on the shore.

Damn, is this a fantasy or a book??? lol.

He once again wraps me in his arms and gives me a deep kiss. He stops long enough to lower me gently onto the blanket. He starts kissing me again. He lowers his head and kisses his way down my neck to my breast again..

And tune in tomorrow for more of the fantasy........lol


westtnloneguy71 48M  
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4/6/2018 6:07 am

damn beautifulll...wish ya would have kept going ...would love to hear some more

brbog 64M
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5/1/2019 5:01 am

sounds like a start to a good story keep posting

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