European Fun-Erotic Story  

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2/21/2020 7:19 pm
European Fun-Erotic Story

They had discussed this morning for almost a week. Building anticipation by sending pics and flirting. Their first date was fun, simple. He kept looking at her cleavage and she kept picturing kissing and having sex with him. They laughed and flirted. She was turned on by his British accent which surprised her. Accent aren’t usually something she got excited over. The morning came and she checked in to the room. She went upstairs and was smiling the whole way from the front desk imagining the fun they would have. She unlocked the door and took in the room. She stood there for a few minutes and finally set her stuff down and got to work. She pulled the sheets down on the bed, and set out some condoms. She put the lingerie she planned to wear on the bed and went and took a shower. He messaged her that he was on the way. She sent him the room number, put the lingerie on and turned on the music. She had made a special playlist for the occasion. She made sure to include his favorite musician to help relax the mood. She had butterflies and wondered if he would too. Soon she heard the soft knock at the door. She swallowed her nerves and answered it. There he stood with a smile on his face. He was taller than her and since he had shoes on he towered over her. His athletic body looked fantastic in his clothes and she knew it would look even better undressed and pressed against her. He said hello and made a joke. His accent making her weak in the knees again. She tried to hide it, but he seemed to sense it cuz he smiled. He walked in and she closed the door. He turned around when he got to the bed. She followed him and could feel herself getting excited. She stopped in front of him and kissed him. He grabbed her ass as she did. Their tongues played well together as their hands explored. She stopped and pulled away. As discussed she lead him to the chair and had him sit. She gently took his wrists and handcuffed him with the cuffs he brought. She slowly unzipped his pants. She didn’t break eye contact the whole time which built up his excitement even more. She took his cock out of his pants and sighed at the site. He was uncut and thick. She knew her pussy was wet at the site of him. She couldn’t wait to ride him. She took him in her hands and then mouth. She started to move her hand up and down his shaft while lightly sucking the head. He moaned. As he moaned she squirmed with excitement. It was all she could do not to sit in his lap and fuck him. She had never given head to an uncut cock before and she was amazed at how natural and wonderful it felt. She used her other hand and slowly and gently massaged his balls. He moaned more, she squirmed more. Finally he exploded in her mouth. She undid the handcuffs and they laid down on the bed. They talked and flirted. Laughed and kissed. Finally they started kissing deeply and their tongues were exploring in their mouths again. He laid her on her back and found his way down to her pussy. He stuck his tongue inside her and she moaned. He licked her pussy and sucked her clit until she was nice and wet. Finally he moved up to join her and entered her. She almost came all over his hard cock. He started the rhythm moving in and out of her, picking up speed and she moaned and breathed harder and louder as he fucked her. Finally she was practically screaming as she came. This made him cum. He filled her up until he was gushing out of her. When his cock was done pulsating he rolled over to his back. They talked and flirted and kissed some more until they could feel the build up of desire again. This time, she happily climbed on top him. Slid her wet pussy down his cock. She started riding him slowly. He grabbed and massaged and sucked her breasts. She moaned with pleasure. She picked up her speed gradually until she was fucking him hard. He grabbed her ass while she rode. Finally she arched her back and exploded with a curse filled scream. He flipped her over onto her back and fucked her sopping wet pussy until he exploded deep inside her. They hoped Monday wouldn't be the last time they got to play.


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2/21/2020 8:08 pm

Hey nice story

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2/21/2020 9:58 pm

That was a nice read beautiful. Thanks. I would love to taste your instant lunch x

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2/21/2020 11:09 pm

mmm ...well written ...when will you write the next story

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