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3/12/2017 4:01 am

Did you ever do something that totally destroyed another person?
Did you do it intentionally?
Was it an accident?
Do you wish you could have taken it back?
Did you have a choice in the matter?

Has anyone ever done something that has destroyed you?
Did they do it intentionally?
Did you forgive them?
Could it have been avoided?

Did you ever do something to NOT destroy another person?
Was it the right thing to do?
Did it work, or did they eventually get destroyed anyway?
Could anything have been done? Or was it inevitable?

Did you ever end up in a circumstance where it probably didn't really matter what you did, someone was going to end up emotionally devastated?
Did you end up feeling it was your fault, despite the fact it probably didn't matter if you did X, didn't do X, or didn't do anything at all?

If you felt responsible, was there anything you could do to mitigate the circumstances? Did you try to do something? Or is it better to just let it go?

If it happened to you, is there anything that could make you feel better from the offending party? Anything at all? Or should they just let it go?

Have you met someone who seemed so utterly devastated (not your fault in any way) that didn't seem able to recover? Did you try to help? Or was it better to just let it go? Are there people who make up their mind that they can never recover?

Did you ever feel so low that you didn't want anyone to try to help?
Did someone ever try to help? Did you convey a lack of desire for their help?
(Were you ever secretly thankful that someone cared enough to try?)

Can life ever be filled with jellybeans, rainbows and unicorns ever again?
Was it ever?
Does it deserve to be?
Did it ever really stop?

Embrace the suck

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