Ladies, why are you truly here?  

uncutbuffalo 31M  
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7/9/2016 5:55 am
Ladies, why are you truly here?

In the last month, I have been stood up three times by women on this site. This is pretty upsetting only due to the fact a lot of them talked a pretty big game and seemed like they generally were interested in meeting up, however I either arrive at the location, stand around and look like a fool or I never get a response when I message and ask when they are showing up and never get a response. This is when I have to ask, ladies, why are you here? You claim to be here b/c you're "looking for fun", "looking to explore", "looking for excitement", "looking for that extra something", but, when it comes time to actually doing anything, you get wet feet and don't show up. So, are you only on here to use your imagination? What is the real reason why you are here? If you're only here for the attention or just the thought of having many men wanting to sleep with you. Get over yourself,and stop inflating your own ego. There are people on here really trying to have fun, don't make it this place a proverbial dick measuring competition to see how many people want to sleep with you.

superbjversion2 63F  
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7/9/2016 6:25 am

I have never stood anyone up and the rare times that I've changed my mind about meeting, I always cancelled in plenty of time.

It's very easy to become discouraged/frustrated/bitter on this site because of things like being stood up. Stick with it though cuz It's kinda like a garage sale around here ... mostly crap but occasionally you find a gem.

I put the sex in sexagenarian

BiggLala 46F  
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7/9/2016 7:21 am

I agree with what's been said in that this goes both ways and it's easy to become bitter about what we experience here. Everyone (male AND female) gets stood up and flaked on, so don't think it's just you and don't think it's only women who are here to 'play games'.

I will say, it's probably time to self-reflect. First, review your choices, i.e. look at the profiles of the women who stood you up; are there common traits on those profiles that should indicate they're not serious about meeting? If so, then perhaps change who you contact. Next, review your screening process and improve where necessary, i.e. are you only relying on interaction via the site or texting, do you ask direct questions to discern whether the person is 'real' and truly interested in meeting, are the people you interact with looking for the same things you are, etc. Also, you say, "I am on here for the same reason anybody else is." You know why you're on this site, but you don't know why everyone else is here. Don't assume everyone is here to meet for sex just because they're on this site; if they're not here for what you are...continue your search for someone who is. I don't know what you expected when you joined or how long you've been on this site, but lowering your expectations will reduce your frustrations. So relax.

Lastly, I recommend you update your profile a bit. You mention 'fun' more than necessary, IMO. The term is ambiguous and does not indicate what 'fun' means to you.

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brido58 60M
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7/9/2016 8:39 am

I think it may be an ego thing, ladies ( and even guys I suppose) may like the "thought" of still being able to attract someone, having no intention of actually doing anything about it.

182east 61M
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7/9/2016 8:55 pm

Wha?? What ladies where..I am of course talkin about location..I was just lamenting that there were no lady bloggers in the WNY area and I saw your ? And I said "What ladies where?"
I have been stood up twice as well I make no judgements as to why anyone is here..after all it seems I am just here for the blogs myself..albiet from far far away..Oh yeah the responses you did get from some ladies were of course from 100's and even 1000's of miles away!

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