Tools Of The Trade. I have sex tools.  

utfrangrl 45F  
20481 posts
6/14/2017 8:50 am
Tools Of The Trade. I have sex tools.

Everyone who has a trade has what they call tools of the trade. Well since I am into sex play, I have my tools of the trade to. Do you have tools like mine to?

Scooby7069 52M
8 posts
6/14/2017 9:14 am

That power tool has gotta do some damage 😝

benard69 63M/63F  
4377 posts
6/14/2017 9:28 am

That's where my Ryobi drill went....

lok4fun500 109M  
44433 posts
6/14/2017 10:09 am

I posted mine....I don't have any of yours!

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spunkycumfun 59M/64F  
36125 posts
6/14/2017 10:39 am

That's a collection of tools for a craftswoman!
Happy HNW.

adnwa 50M/47F  
962 posts
6/14/2017 2:02 pm

I don't have a collection of toys like you but have but do see a few of them that I ant to get and add to my collection. It would be fun to get with you and we use yours on each other. kisses Angie.

wantaplay8 66M
5607 posts
6/14/2017 4:40 pm

Wow! that is quite an assortment of fun sex play tools...I would enjoy watching or helping you use them on you. I do have a sawzaw but it does not have that kind of attachment that yours does. Might be able to rig one though!!!! lol

bigblackman21221 48M
4093 posts
6/17/2017 6:12 pm

fishing pole

jason2371961 58M  
405 posts
6/18/2017 4:46 am

wow you have lot tools to work with

Torrid7 69T
497 posts
6/23/2017 3:09 pm


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