The Invasion - Failed Writing Experiment  

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8/15/2016 8:54 pm

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The Invasion - Failed Writing Experiment

He walks through the front door, tired but not exhausted with a slight tension building in his head after a long week of work. Trudging up the stairs, all he can think of is fixing himself a vodka on the rocks with a twist and sitting down to glaze over watching tv.
As he crests the top a sleek black figure moves through his darkened apartment hitting him swiftly in the chest and knocking him back against the wall. His pulse immediately going crazy as the shadowy figure produces a stiletto almost from nowhere to press against his neck. Dumbfounded, shocked, a bit frightened he stands completely still trying to form any word as the figure slides a gloved hand across his chest, down his sides, and then up and down each of his legs as though checking him for weapons. "T-t-take whatever you want.." he stammers, wishing his luck would turn around for once. "That was the plan" the shadowy figure whispers back, as a gloved hand moves back between his legs and starts stroking his cock through his pants. His mind is confused, yet intrigued and also wishing he hadn't worn his silk boxers today as the soft slick material brushing against his cock begins to turn him on. It is only now that he begins to notice his assailant's smaller figure and stature relative to him and begins to wonder if a woman could really be under the black body suit. While maintaining the knife pointed at his neck, the assailant unclasped his belt and flicked it partway off. With a few quick movements his pants were undone and sliding down to his ankles and the cool air of the apartment was wrapping itself around his swelling cock and sending a chill up his spine. "Move and I will cut this off" his assailant said firmly, as the figure squatted slowly before him. The dagger followed, moving from his neck, down to his chest as the small gloved hand began stroking his cock more intensely through his boxers.
Mind a blur as the hand rubs up and down the shaft, he is left standing mouth agape as his penis begins swelling to its full potential. He can feel the head wanting to spring upward out of its silken prison as the assaulter continues rubbing through his boxers. With a quick tug by the assailant his boxers come loose and slide down his thighs, dragging the head of his cock with them causing him to moan loudly from the soft friction. As his boxers fall away the girth of his 6.5" manhood springs upward with great force, swaying before coming to a stop in front of his assailant. As it does, the intruder slips part of the lower face covering off letting it drape over a shoulder out of the way. He feels a gloved hand wrap most of the way around his shaft and begin to stroke slowly up and down the length of his penis. The leather gloves of the intruder still warm from stroking him through his clothing, contrasting wonderfully against his cold apartment and making him throb, extremely excited given his current predicament.
With his head swimming, he barely notices as his assailant moves close to the head of his cock while continuing to stroke the pulsating meaty shaft slowly. In fact, had it not been for the small, soft, wet warm mouth he might have been content for being stroked completely off by the small, leather-gloved hand. However, when the lips closed around his swollen helmet and began inching their way down his veiny, engorged shaft it was all he could do to remember to breathe. He felt the head brushing against the back of his assailant's throat as a tongue massaged the underside of his cock, feeling a slight yet extremely pleasurable pressure on the head as his assailant sucks vigorously. As his assaulter continues face-fucking his cock thin strands of spittle begin making their way down his balls as a thin layer has already formed over the entirety of the shaft.

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8/15/2016 8:56 pm

More free writing, tried to write with as little description of who the characters are as possible. I got frustrated with it toward the end which is why it is unfinished. We'll see if I can reformat and add more.

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