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welshbabe100 21F
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4/29/2017 9:33 am
adult films

Hi all, just wondered on your thoughts on making a adult film. I know it sounds fun and exciting now but worried about years to come when it could come back to haunt me. Any of you guys had any problems with making one?

MomoBear1 68M/33F  
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4/29/2017 9:30 pm

We have made and shared a few real naughty vids in the past and shared privately with others, never had a problem yet. Would love to make one with you for our private viewing with friends only

welshbabe100 replies on 4/30/2017 8:34 am:
hope we can make one soon x

profcoquin27bis 54M
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4/30/2017 7:58 am

only in private, i want with you

rogerenjoysspank 67M
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6/25/2017 11:41 am

If you make an adult film please choose the other participants, don't forget my love you may be famous one day & this could come back to haunt you

birdybird2017 47M
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6/26/2017 5:45 pm

ya ,,, i like that ,,, i used to have some films with my ex gf ,,,, i did it years ago but i never shared it in public ,,,,i enjoyed much to watch it ,,remember these hot moments and share with close friends

MaleBristolUK3 47M
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7/2/2017 7:33 pm

I have done one with a Lady quite a long time ago now.Never shared just kept it for personal use.Depends what you mean famous ? Through the T.V and Media well if you did that could mean bad meaning bad.

But a small level would not bother me.I know some music artists that have done porn films but are not pop genre this is a different genre of music on much smaller scale.

Rapidguy775 33M
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8/28/2017 8:48 am

I have made a few that I keep for myself although if you have permission of all involved it could be a thrill to post it somewhere.

Loosetooth 43M  
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9/26/2017 2:27 pm

I think that the whole point of making a film is that you share it, either with the/for the person that you make it with, or it gets more widely distributed.

I have never made one, both because the opportunity never arose and I am not really an ehibitionist. But think on this... once the material is out of your control, there is no getting it back.

Maybe it will sink and never been seen again... and there is a small chance, given the number of photos and films made on mobiles now, that one day it will come back and bite you on the arse. Maybe an employer sees it and it affects things there (if you think that you will even be a teacher, teaching assistant, involved in any capacity with children, or the Police, etc. then you do not want this hanging over you.

Maybe some spiteful so and so shows your parents, relatives, friends or even children, for these things last.

Point is this... if you want to make a film with someone you trust, go for it. If you want to make a film whose purpose is to be distributed to people... think long and hard. Because it may have no affect on your life whatsoever... or it may come back and cause hurt and fuck things up for you.

Onesexyass2 56F  
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9/1/2018 6:26 am

Hi ya girl
Being honest, making a professional porn film is very high on my wish list.
But trying to find a reputable company is more difficult than you may think, but still working on it and if you have any ideas it would be much appreciated.
Sue Xx

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