"It Just Accidently Slipped in"  

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8/31/2017 11:38 pm
"It Just Accidently Slipped in"

True story; The names are changed to protect the following in this story. Duane was a truck driver for 5 years before he met the girl of his dreams. Brandy who was 24. She was all but 120 pounds, 5'6", Caucasian, hazel eyes, and long brown hair. She was as country as they come. Duane who was 34. He was 178 pounds, 6'5", African-American, brown eyes, and short black hair. He was more of a city guy with a dream to own his own city some day. These two knew each other as friends for nearly 4 years before the event happened. the 10 year age gap made no difference between the two when they first met. They were so madly in love with each other but never had the nerve to express how they felt about one another until the day Brandy told Duane of her status. The story goes as follows:

It was a bright Saturday morning. Duane was on his was back to Sunnyvale, Ga to park at the Terminal where all the tractor-trailers were kept. He pulled in and parked his semi and ran his paperwork to be process for pay. Duane was excited for some reason or another. He rushed out of the office and jumped into his truck and peeled off into the sun out the gate down the back country road. Everyone knew where he was headed. Charles, his best friend told everyone of the girl that turn him into a cream puff. He was such a wuss now that it was noticeable to all the truckers. "Damn, that girl has really done a number on that boy. I remember when Duane was the biggest whore dog there was and now look at him. That girl has him wrapped around his finger." Charles said. "he keeps fucking her every night like that and he's gonna' end up with kids or something soap can't wash off." I know he ain't using no damn condoms on that whore." Everyone laughed in the Truck terminal as Charles continued to bash his friends new girl friend. "Hey Charles, that ain't right man talking 'bout his girl like that. You know better." James replied as he gave a stern look of disgust. "Yeah, you right. I'm gonna' behave." Charles said with a small grin. "He is my bro. I gotta look out for him but he still needs to be careful. That girl done been sleeping around with every guy in town."

Brandy reached over and grabbed her coke bottle as began to take a drink while sitting in her chair with her two year old daughter. As she brushed her hair, she heard a truck pull up. Brandy's sister "Katie" was not much for friendship of the opposite race. She didn't like her sister seeing Duane at all because she knew where it was headed. Duane got out of his truck and walked towards the door when Katie opened the door and confronted Duane. " What do you want?" Katie said. "I'm here to see Brandy. She wanted me to stop by and give her some money for groceries." Duane replied. "Is that money for pussy or for groceries? What the fuck Brandy? You fucking this guy?" Katie said. Brandy replied, "Mind your own fucking business. He just stop by as a friend to give me some money to borrow ya" bitch. I've been knowing Duane for years now since I quit my job as a waitress at the Truck-stop. Shit, if I had not met Duane, we would have what we have today. So drive the fuck on bitch and go fuck your dildo." Duane looked and smiled as Katie turned around giving her sister the middle finger walking up stairs. "Come on in Duane. Have a seat. Do you mind watching Raven as I use the restroom," Brandy Said. "Sure thing." Duane said as he pick up Raven and put her in his lap. Raven was the spitting image of Brandy but looked nothing like her ex-boyfriend framed in the picture on the wall who she claims is Ravens' dad. Duane sat with Raven for nearly 20 minutes in the rocking chair as she Raven fell asleep when her mom walked in. "Ahh, that's so sweet." Brandy whispered. "Put her over here in her bed." Brandy whispered as she pulled the blanket on top of her while Duane laid her in the bed. Brandy then grabbed Duane's hand and took him in the back room where Brandy sleeps.

"Duane." Brandy said. "Yes." Duane replied. " I know this is a bad time but I want to ask you something." Brandy said. Duane looked her in the eye and said, "Tell me anything Brandy." Brandy looked down at the floor and was very slow to respond back before her sister barged in with an iron in her hand. "Brandy, what the fuck happened to this fucking iron? It's not fucking working." Katie said. "Get the fuck out of here bitch. Can't you see I'm talking to my friend." Brandy said. " Looks like you guys are about to fuck. I hope your ass uses a condom on this bitch. You know she got AIDS." Katie said. "Get the fuck out bitch." brandy yelled as she pushed her out the door. Brandy leans against the door and then begins crying. Duane walks over and puts his arms around her. "She right, I think am HIV. My damn sister tells everybody. I'm so fucking stupid. I should have never slept with Jason last month. Everyone told me to stay away from him but we were drunk that night and I smoked too much of that fucking pipe." Brandy buried her head in Duane shoulder and cried." Duane was a little shocked at the news and pulled Brandy close to his face and said " Brandy why didn't you tell me earlier. You know I wouldn't care about that stuff. You're my friend and I wouldn't let any of that stuff get in the way of our friendship. I...I.." Brandy stop crying and looked Duane in the eye and said "You what?" Duane replied "I..I love you." Brandy immediately started crying and tried to pull herself away from Duane and said "I don't deserve you. I'm such a slut whore. I hate myself. I'll never be the same again." As she yelled crying "Stop...Duane.. Just leave me. I know you don't want to be with someone like me now. Just leave." Duane pulled her close to him and said "I would never leave you. I love you too damn much." And he grasped her close to his chest and kissed her endlessly. She said "But you might catch what I got." Duane replied with love in his heart as well as his pants "I don't care. By the way, have you been tested this month?" Brandy replied "No. I've never been tested. I only found out that Jason tested HIV positive two weeks ago and I know pretty much I am too." Duane said " So you were never tested?" Brandy shook her head sideways in the direction that Duane saw as negative. "Well then, fuck it." Duane said as he continued kissing Brandy and groping her up and down. Duane picked her up in his arms and carried her to the bed and laid her down. Brandy was still in tears as Duane began to undress her and kiss her from head to toe. Brandy then calmed the tears and relaxed. She looked Duane in the eye with a sorrowed look of regret saying "Are you sure?" Duane replied "Yes. I so sure you need this more than I do."

Duane continued kissing and used his fingers to slide down her shirt grabbing all of her breast on the left pinching and rotating the nipple in his fingers as he continue the same with the other. Brandy moaned softly as she felted all over Duane's body and began to undo his belt buckle and pull his jeans down. Now, every girl who knew Duane said he packed a huge Anaconda with a bite and Brandy had no idea for this was their first time exploring each other sexually. She immediately gasped as she pulled out his penis from his pants. "What the fuck is that shit?" Are you kidding me?" Brandy said as she looked in disbelief holding his cock in her hand. "It's not that big." Duane replied with a smirk on his face. "You gotta' be kidding yourself if you think your dick isn't big. I mean look at this shit. It's as big as my fucking arm. Where have you been all of my life?" Brandy said smiling. She then began to massage Duane's penis with her hand getting it closer to her mouth and then suddenly stopped saying" I don't have any condoms. Fuck!" Duane said "Brandy, I don't care. I'm in this with you and if you have the shit or not. I'm with you till the end. I told you. I love you too damn much." Brandy looked at Duane and took a death breath and gobbled Duane's penis in her mouth while looking at him with the intent to fuck the shit out of him all night till morning if possible. She swallowed it down with leakage of saliva dripping from the side of his penis. "This shits too damn big for me to deep throat. Shit!" Brandy said. "Take me please. Fuck me like a dirty whore. Make this the best fuck I ever had. Please!" She moaned. Duane then pulled her close and rolled her over in doggie-style position. Brandy took deep breaths as she knew what was coming. "Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Please! Please! I've been such a fucking stupid whore. I need to be punished sexually by your big black dick. Please! Please!!!" Brandy said moaning.

Duane slowly pushed his dick into Brandy's tight pussy. She gasped for air as he began pumping slowly back and forth. The hardness on Duane's dick was stiff as a log and thick as a roll of Italian sausage. Brandy tried to push Duane back saying "That's too fucking big. Shit! Slower. Slower. Fuck! Ah fuck! Slower. Ok...ok...ok...I'm sorry...I'm sorry....I'm so fucking sorry!" As she cried and moaned for more. Duane then rolled her over in the missionary position and laid his black pipe in her again. He pushed slowly back and forth in and out with a long stroke motion that looked like as black 12" rod going inside of a small 29" waist body. Brandy pushed her head in her pillow and moaned load into the soft comfort of her bed as Duane pushed harder and deeper with a strong pounding motion. Brandy's eyes lit up and grew big as Duane pushed faster and harder. Duane had a vein popping from his forehead and a look of concern on his face as he looked as if he was about to blow. Brandy's oh God look on her face was priceless as Duane continued to pound deeper and harder. Brandy then grabbed Duane's shirt collar and stuffed it in her mouth and bit on his neck as if trying to communicate stop. Duane kept grinding harder and deeper with a very fast motion causing Brandy to loose control of her bodily functions and secretion flew from her pussy onto the floor. Duane pulled out as she drained all of the secretion out. "Oh my fucking God!" She yelled. Duane immediately pushed his huge 12" dick back inside of her pumping faster, harder, and deeper. Duane began to moan himself. "Oh God...Oh God...Oh shit....Oh shit....fuck...fuck! I'm cumming...I'm fucking cumming inside youuuu....Fuck! Damn! Fuck!" Brandy moans back " Fuck! Oh fuck! Motherffff.....oh God!" Duane's dick enlarges as he pumps faster, deeper, harder than ever before. Brandy's eyes' grow big as the head of Duane's penis grows huge and larger than before with the blood rushing to all 7 veins in the shaft of Duane's penis. It sends a shivering sweat down his back as he releases all of his manly love inside of Brandy while still pumping harder, faster, and deeper until he unloads all of his spunk and keeps his harder black snake deep inside of Brandy. " Oh my fucking God. Shit! Shit! Shit! Ahhhhh...." Brandy screams. "Ahhh...Ahhh..Ahhhhhhh!!! Shit, motherfucker shit!" As Duane and Brandy gasp for air and relieved by sexually intent, Katie bust open the door and snaps a picture on her camera. "I'm gonna show this shit to everyone and let them know the fucking whore has spread her disease to some black as motherfucker who gonna spread that shit to all these other girls in the area. What the fuck do you have to say about this now montherfucker!" Katie said. Duane looked at her and picked up his penis and swirled it around and said "It just accidently slip in. What's wrong? You jealous? You want some of this Black Anaconda? I can accidently slip it in you too?" Duane said with a wink. Katie said "Ughh...You nasty black fuck! I hate you! I hate you all!" and walked out of the bedroom. Brandy smiled and said " You know she's gonna' show that to everyone." Duane said "Yeah, I know." Brandy replied "Then why are you taunting her?" Duane looked at Brandy and said "Because I spoke with Jason the day before yesterday and the last girl he slept with 3 weeks ago, her name was Katie, your sister. She never knew until Jason told her 2 weeks ago about the incident. I guess it just accidently slip in."

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