Getting Springy Out There!  

whysaywhat1 39F  
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3/12/2017 11:55 am
Getting Springy Out There!

What a long, cold, winter we've had this year! Mine has also been filled with sick people, colds have run rampant in our house, making time for play very few and far between. Good news is, there was play and a good selection! Not a huge variety, but good enough that I'm not bored by any means.

That being said, it's getting very close to spring and I'm ready for some play time in the sun! Changes that may or may not effect that include SpokaneVan and I finally getting married after nearly 14 years together. We don't foresee this being an issue on our end, but there are people that shy away from married people. I generally don't get together with married men, but my rule there is "I have to meet your wife she has to tell me it's okay". I don't cheat on my guy and I don't need the drama of you getting caught cheating on your spouse. This rule generally means I don't see married men...the few I've met either lied through their teeth about their situation (and got caught in that lie when I found out hey were not separated from their spouse) or their "agreement" is a don't ask/don't tell sort. So, changing my status might be interesting, though I think most men are okay with the "cheating" (not cheating since I have permission and he's sitting next to me as I write this in full view of my screen) where women are less likely to be okay with it. Sadly, he already doesn't get a lot of response here and I fear his opportunities to get out and play will be even fewer now. Another couple would be ideal, but since our tastes vary so much, we have never really found a good match.

I don't know how much time I'll have available to play this spring, but I am definitely ready to get out and enjoy myself!

DM482 54M
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4/29/2017 6:48 am

I'm with you there. It's spring and the time is right to play. Busy as heck though. Hopefully I'll find time and some interested partners who also have found some time. One way or another we've got to get some play time in, right?

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