The Red Eye - part 2 (m4m)  

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The Red Eye - part 2 (m4m)

I quickly finished my drink, figuring I needed to be AT his door in 5 minutes not just heading that way. And indeed, 5 minutes later I knocked softly at his door.

"Come in."

I walked in and let the door close behind me. Only the bedside lamp was on. There was enough light for me to see Tony sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Get on your knees", he ordered.

I dropped to my knees just inside the door. He got up and walked over slowly until he was standing over me. The bulge in his pants was right in front of my face and spectacular.

"Take out my cock and suck it boy", Tony ordered.

I reached up and pulled open the button at the top of his fly then slowly pulled the zipper down, letting my palm press against the huge bulge. With the fly open I pulled down on the waistband and his pants slid down. There was a wet spot on his underwear at the clearly defined outline of the head of his cock as it pointed sideways to his hip. He had already taken his shoes and socks off so he was able to step out of his slacks. I ran my hands back up his thighs and to the waistband of his underwear. I pulled down slowly until I could see just the base of his cock. I raised up higher and leaned in. I opened my mouth and put my lips on either side of the exposed base of the shaft.
Tony put his hand on my head lightly and I heard him moan softly.

I pulled the underwear down and slid my lips down as the shaft was exposed more and more. He was huge! I love it when a cock pops out of underwear and into my face so when I could tell he was almost free I moved my head back.

The first site of all of that shaft was so hot! Then I pulled his shorts down another inch and his cock sprang free. His uncircumcised cock was spectacular. The foreskin was still covering the ridge of the head a little. The skin on the thick shaft was tight and veiny.

I reached my left hand up and wrapped my fingers around the base of the shaft and my finger barely met my thumb. Wow, he was thick! I pulled toward him until the head slid out of the foreskin completely. A drop of pre cum formed at the tip. I eagerly leaned in, looking up into his eyes as I flicked my tongue out and gathered the drop. I closed my mouth, savoring the smell of his crotch so close and the taste of his juice on my tongue. I moaned softly then felt my desire for his cock, which was already intense, flame up into nearly uncontrollable.

I leaned in and took him into my mouth, sealing my lips just beyond the ridge of the head. I tasted another drop of pre cum as I ran my tongue around the head in my mouth. I had to have him deeper! I opened my mouth wider and dove onto his cock until the head hit the back of my throat. I was getting better at taking a cock deep (I'd been practicing on my dildo) but that first time always made me gag a little. I had to back off. When his cock slid out of my mouth it glistened with my saliva. I stroked him as I swallowed a couple of times to relax my throat.

"Suck it boy!", Tony ordered as he grabbed my head and pushed his cock into my mouth.

I held onto his hips as he fucked my mouth with moderate depth, moderate speed thrusts. The head hit the back of my throat each time but I was more able to relax. After about 10 of his hip thrusts I pulled him toward me and opened my throat as good as I could. Tony pulled my head firmly to him and my nose touched his lower ab above his cock. He held me there for a moment then let me slide off of him.

I was super excited that I had taken him so deep! I was gasping for breath as I slowly stroked his saliva covered cock. His cock had not really slid into my throat, it was more like it compressed as we pulled toward each other. Still, the feeling of such a big cock in my mouth so completely was very hot.

"Stand up", Tony ordered, also panting a little. "That was very good boy. Now I want you naked!"
"Yes Sir", I said and started to pull my shirt up.

Tony pushed my hand away from my shirt and said, "Turn around! I didn't say for you to strip. I want to take your clothes off of you!"

I quickly turned and was facing the wall just inside the doorway still.

Tony pulled my t-shirt up so I raised my arms over my head. He tossed my shirt off to the side and told me to put my hands on top of my head.

I did as told.

He reached around me, running his hands over my torso and teasing around my very sensitive nipples. My breathing quickened as he got near my nipples. He picked up on it and teased them more for a minute then pinched onto both of them at the same time. My knees buckled a little, but I stayed standing, and I moaned deeply. He tweaked and pulled on them, driving me crazy.

Tony let go of my nipples and pushed me forward, telling me to put my hands on the wall and my feet close together. I leaned forward, putting my weight on my hands on the wall. He pulled back on my hips a little, making me have to lean on my hands more. Tony reached around and undid my pants then slid them down, leaving my underwear on. He rubbed my butt through the material then pulled down on the back of the waistband. The front waistband hung up on my raging hard on but the back slid down over my ass. With my butt exposed he let go of the waistband and it snapped against my upper hamstrings.

"Very nice ass", Tony complimented.

"Thank you Sir."

He rubbed my ass then gave my right cheek a light spank. I moaned, letting him know I liked it.

"You liked that huh boy?", he asked.

"Yes Sir", I said back over my shoulder to him.

He spanked me harder. I moaned louder. He rubbed the spot he had just spanked.

"You remember that you were a bad boy on the plane right?', he questioned.

"Yes Sir."

He spanked my ass harder and it stung. I still moaned loudly.

"I have to punish you before we can go any farther", he advised. "We need a clean slate. Stay quiet."

"I understand Sir."

He spanked the exact same spot. He must have wound up some because that one knocked me forward a little and really stung. I bit my lip and stayed silent.

He spanked me a solid ten more times. My ass was on fire and the last few were very intense. I was panting and couldn't completely stifle my moans through gritted teeth.

Tony traced his fingers along the stinging skin on my ass and softly told me how much he had liked that and how well I had done.

"Thank you Sir."

Tony told me to stand up then he pulled my underwear all the way down. He had me step out of my underwear and I was then completely nude. I could feel his breath on the back of my neck as he stood right behind me.

His hands lightly caressed my butt then one hand reached around and grabbed my cock at the base. He stepped even closer and his cock, which had relaxed a little, was hanging down and pressed into the crack of my ass. I could not stop myself from grinding my butt back against him. The stinging skin from the spanking felt especially hot against him.

Tony let go of my cock and grabbed both sides of my hips and pulled me tight to him. I bent forward a little more and ground back even harder against him. His cock throbbed and grew and pressed up into my balls as we intensely pushed into each other.

"You've earned a reward now boy", Tony said softly behind me. "Tell me what you want."

"I want to please you, Sir", I purred. "If it would make you happy I would love to suck your cock again."

"Get on your back on the bed for your reward then. It will please me for you to suck my cock", Tony told me.

As I walked away from him toward the bed he gave me one last, stinging slap on my ass cheek. I moan/groaned and climbed onto the bed and laid on my back.

Tony made a spinning motion with his finger. I turned on the bed and when my head was toward the side that he was standing on he changed the circle to a 'come here' motion. I slid toward him until my head was hanging off the side of the bed. He moved closer and stood over me. His mostly hard cock hung straight out above my face.

"Take it", Tony ordered.

I reached up and wrapped my left hand around the base of his cock and pulled it down toward my face. He lowered his hips, leaning forward and putting his hands on the bed on either side of me. I opened my mouth and pulled his cock until I was able to close my lips around him.

More soon but I had to go stroke myself after writing and reading all this!!

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yournewtoy2005 replies on 8/16/2016 6:18 pm:
Glad you like it!

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That is a smokin' hot story, 'NewToy.
Thanks for sharing it with us on your blog!


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Thanks Val! So hot to know I turned you on! Hope you like the finale

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