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Sep 7, 2017Virtual Symposium Group#34 SYMPOSIUM TOPIC "PAIN" Link1   
Jul 30, 2017Virtual Symposium Group#33 AUGUST TOPIC VOTE POLL1   
May 18, 2017Virtual Symposium Group#31 SUGGESTION BOX for June 2017 TOPIC2   
Mar 5, 2017Virtual Symposium Group#28 Participant List Link March Topic STRANGER in a Strange Land1   
Feb 20, 2017Virtual Symposium Group#28 SYMPOSIUM March Topic VOTING1   
Jan 27, 2017Virtual Symposium GroupParticipant List for #27Virtual Symposium Topic CATS2   
Jan 23, 2017Virtual Symposium Group#27 SYMPOSIUM POLL for FEBRUARY TOPIC1   
Jan 18, 2017Virtual Symposium Group#27 Virtual Symposium Suggestion Box2   
Nov 16, 2016Virtual Symposium GroupDECEMBER TOPIC VOTING IS OPEN2   
Nov 9, 2016French Toast AficionadosHate Trumps Love1   
Nov 5, 2016French Toast AficionadosConfessions...1   
Nov 1, 2016Virtual Symposium GroupParticipants List for 24th Virtual Symposium Topic: What We are Thankful For3   
Oct 30, 2016Virtual Symposium GroupQuestion for group members4   
Oct 30, 2016Virtual Symposium GroupSuggestion Thread2   
Aug 29, 2016French Toast AficionadosFolks, we have been accused of having a reason other than humor for this group1   
Aug 22, 2016French Toast AficionadosThreatening Bullies With Delusions Of Grandeur2   
Aug 20, 2016French Toast AficionadosPoor, Poor Sandra9   
Aug 19, 2016French Toast AficionadosFrench toast mafia1   
Aug 18, 2016HNW BloggersThank you!1   
Aug 15, 2016French Toast AficionadosTG /Cross Dressing Contest update1   
Aug 3, 2016French Toast AficionadosIf You Could Pick A New Place1   
Jul 31, 2016French Toast AficionadosClan "Symposia" leader is back6   
Jul 30, 2016French Toast AficionadosWill it ever end?5   
Jul 27, 2016French Toast Aficionados"Flower doesn't compete.....6   
Jul 27, 2016French Toast AficionadosAm I hallucinating?11   
Jul 25, 2016French Toast AficionadosHigh hopes...1   
Jul 22, 2016French Toast AficionadosACCIDENTAL FUNNY1   
Jul 22, 2016French Toast AficionadosMy Pussy is Sick!!! (Includes photos & a life update).....2   
Jul 21, 2016French Toast AficionadosRestrictions1   
Jul 20, 2016French Toast AficionadosIf you were sent to the "Sex Academy" for remedial training?2   
Jul 20, 2016French Toast AficionadosTo Welcome All The Ladies And Alikes ;)1   
Jul 20, 2016French Toast AficionadosWelcome To French Toast Mafia1   
Oct 21, 2015HNW BloggersCannot See Blog Photos??1   
Mar 8, 201345 and Older BunchCock lovers question: full blown hairy, trimmed or smooth?1   
Feb 28, 201345 and Older BunchPresidential Scams1   
Feb 23, 201345 and Older Bunchnew here1